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How Our Experts Work With Us

Whether you offer a service, want to mentor, or invest in early stage startups, your contribution to WeWork Labs provides invaluable guidance and knowledge transfer to the next generation of companies and founders changing the future. To become part of this creative collective, read on below for ways you can make an impact:


WeWork Labs has thousands of mentors who coach founders and help grow companies across the globe. Mentorship at WeWork Labs is open, collaborative, and can take many forms to fit your own personal goals, schedule, expertise and are always virtual. As all our mentors are volunteers, many use this as an opportunity, not only to give back, but to grow their brand awareness and alignment with early stage companies who could use a little help in creating the companies of the future.
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The majority of our members are bootstrapped or have a small amount of initial capital. They are looking for their first, early, and strategic investor(s) to provide financial support, connections, and direction. Our investors are focused on supporting our founders in the nascent stages of development and growth.

Service Providers

Companies from all over the world offer the WeWork Labs small businesses and startups exclusive discounts to help launch and grow their businesses. This is the best way to establish and build those relationships at the very start, aligning your brand with compassion and leadership while building long lasting connections.

Content Contributors

To provide direct guidance and education for our members, we have an internal editorial blog called WeWork Labs Insider. Becoming part of the Contributor Network gives you the opportunity to share your experiences, insights, and advice by posting content related to their own professional experiences. Your insight will help members around the world succeed with their entrepreneurial journeys.

Buyers & Distributors

Our member companies have a diverse set of products and services ranging from consumer products to software to medical devices. Buyers from all over the world are interested in showcasing, selling and distributing WeWork Labs member products through their storefronts or other distribution chains. These partnerships help align buyers with innovation as well as help our companies grow.
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